Emergency Plumbers in Wilmslow

Emergency Plumbers in Wilmslow

 YourRepair Plumbers are on your doorstep. If you need an emergency plumber fast and you live in Wilmslow, give us a call now.

We have fully qualified Gas Registered plumbers on standby. We can usually have an emergency plumber with you in no time, and all our vans carry an extensive stock of parts which usually enables us to carry out your plumbing repair in a single visit.

Although YourRepair Plumbers are most recognised as emergency plumbers in Wilsmlow due to our branded vans buzzing about the town, we also cover surrounding areas, including a full 20 mile radius of our offices, so if you have friends and relatives who live in surrounding areas who are looking  to find a trustworthy and reliable plumber please feel free to recommend us!

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Here's a few more reasons to choose YourRepair Plumbers

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  • All work fully guaranteed for 1 year
  • Fixed transparent prices all published on our rates page
  • Fully Qualified with over 40 years experience



  • Rapid response, No call out charge
  • All our staff are CRB (DBS) checked
  • Friendly, uniformed staff, with visible identification



Below are some detailed case studies of emergency plumbing work we have carried out in Wilmslow:

What the problem was:Leak Caused by Nailing Floorboards, Emergency plumber in Wilmslow Client was doing DIY and put a nail through a pipe upstairs causing a leak, he has already drained the system down but requires an emergency plumber to repair the damage as soon as possible so that the water can be switched back on, he has taken a few days off work to complete the DIY, and would like to get as much done as possible, so doesn’t want this issue to hold him up.

What we did: If the YourRepair call advisors had a pound for every caller telling them that they had put a screw or a nail through their pipework, they would all be rich! But joking aside, it is one of the worst thing homeowners can do, as it can cause so much damage to their property.  Upon arrival the engineer cut the 10 mm pipe and re-connected with a 10 mm coupler with solder, turned the water back on and checked the joint for any leaks.

Outcome: The emergency plumber who attended the leak solved the problem and gave the customer the following preventative advice for continuing with the work he was doing: "Avoid putting a nail through a water pipe by not placing the nail close to the middle of the board and keep it between 10 to 20mm from the edge of the floor boards. If you do this and still manage to place a nail in the pipe, then the cutting of the joists has been incorrectly cut, leaving you nowhere to place your screws or nails. Another way would be to use a pipe detector, however, this is not suitable if you have plastic pipes. If you are in doubt, take the floor board up first and use a tape measure, to measure the distance of the water pipes." Prevention is always better than cure.  Something that the customer will bear in mind in future, I’m certain.

Client testimonial: Very thankful to YourRepair for assisting me with my emergency repair on my pipework today, very fast, reliable company they do exactly what it says on the tin.

What the problem was:burst pipe in loft area - emergency plumber in wilsmlow Emergency call out for a leak coming through the ceiling in a utility room at a home in Wilmslow.   It was coming from an extension that had built around two years ago, it had a small loft area above it, the customer had managed to turn off the water supply but needed the problem solving as soon as possible as they need to turn the water back on as soon as possible.

What we provided: The Call Advisor responding to the customer advised her to do the following whilst the engineer was on the way: "If you suspect a burst pipe then isolate the water.  Firstly check that you have closed the stopcock fully, then you should open as many taps in the home as you can to remove the water from the system. Don't use anything electrical and keep away from light switches and sockets. Clean as much of the water away as soon as possible as the quicker the water is removed the less damage it will cause. Move any furniture or belongings out of the way of the leak as your insurance policy may no cover everything."  Which the customer found very helpful. The engineer found the leak had come from a burst pipe in the loft area of the utility room, there had been an extremely cold spell, and the pipes hadn’t been insulated correctly, the utility room itself only had a small radiator, which the customer tended not to leave on, as it was an area where they didn’t use much. The water in the pipe had expanded as it had turned to ice and cause a piece of plastic pipe to split open, and this is what had caused the problem. The engineer continued to drain down the system, before replacing the pipework.  The insulation on the pipework was not sufficient for the area, and the engineer suggested replacing it with good quality lagging.  He also suggested in winter not to let the room drop below 12 degrees, and in particular cold spells to open the loft hatch to allow the warm air to circulate.

Outcome: We provided a detailed VAT invoice with a breakdown of the work that was completed for the customers insurance purposes. The engineer also assisted her in getting rid of the majority of the excess water that was in the property. And made suggestions on what to do next.  A quote was provided, and later taken up, to insulate the pipework in the loft area correctly.

Client testimonial: A truly awful experience, that was helped massively by YourRepair, from start to finish they were very helpful, and tried their best to do everything they could to get me up and running again.