Emergency Plumbers in Uttoxeter

Emergency Plumbers in Uttoxeter

 YourRepair Plumbers are on your doorstep. If you need an emergency plumber fast and you live in Uttoxeter, give us a call now.

We have fully qualified Gas Registered plumbers on standby. We can usually have an emergency plumber with you in no time, and all our vans carry an extensive stock of parts which usually enables us to carry out your plumbing repair in a single visit.

Although YourRepair Plumbers are most recognised as emergency plumbers in Uttoxeter due to our branded vans buzzing about the town, we also cover surrounding areas, including a full 20 mile radius of our offices, so if you have friends and relatives who live in surrounding areas who are looking  to find a trustworthy and reliable plumber please feel free to recommend us!

Fast Emergency Plumbers in Uttoxeter 01889 359109

Here's a few more reasons to choose YourRepair Plumbers

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  • All work fully guaranteed for 1 year
  • Fixed transparent prices all published on our rates page
  • Fully Qualified with over 40 years experience



  • Rapid response, No call out charge
  • All our staff are CRB (DBS) checked
  • Friendly, uniformed staff, with visible identification



Below are some detailed case studies of emergency plumbing work we have carried out in Uttoxeter:

What the problem was:emergency plumbers in uttoxeter - leaking tank in loft space Mrs Taylor explained to us that she had a conventional central heating system with her boiler in the utility room downstairs and an immersion tank in the airing cupboard upstairs, and a cold water storage tank in the loft. She also has a small tank next to the cold water storage tank which we established was the expansion tank for the heating.  She has reported that water was coming out of the cold water tank in the loft and coming through the ceiling, the cold water tank is very full and comes over the ball cock.  She has tried to turn off the stop tap to the cold water tank, and run the hot tap for a while, but this hasn’t solved the leak.

What we did: An overflowing cold water tank has three possible causes. One is that the float has developed a leak so that it fills with water and then sinks, so it doesn’t provide enough force to close the valve. Another problem could be that the rubber washer in the valve has deteriorated so that it doesn't seal properly. Another option could be that the brass nipple in the valve has worn to such an extent from decades of abrasion by particles in the water that no longer seals. In this case, the valve will have to be replaced.  In this case, it was the latter option, and our experienced plumber was able to identify the problem and replace the valve from his van stock. He then refilled the system and made sure that this had provided a fix, before assisting the customer in cleaning up the mess left by the leak with his wet vac.

Outcome: Although the leak has caused some damage to the ceiling, the plumber’s fast response ensured that the situation wasn’t made worse.  The customer is aware that should she have an issue relating to the repair she can call our call advisors, who can assist her further.

Client testimonial: A bit unexpected to say the least, but thanks to YourRepair I can now use my water again with no issues, so again thank you.



What the problem was:emergency plumbers in uttoxeter - leaking radiator Client reported a problem with a radiator in the upstairs of his property, it was leaking at a steady, constant rate and he required an emergency plumber fast.

What we provided: YourRepair Plumbers operate a reliable service in the local area, and our engineers are monitored intensely to ensure they don’t let our customers down. In Mr Barber’s becase our response time was important to prevent the water leak causing damages to his floors and electrics.  The plumber arrived at the property in under 30 minutes, as he had just finished another job in Uttoxeter. He presented his ID badge and put carpet protectors over his shoes, in order to respect the client’s property.  First of all the engineer checked that the water had been turned off correctly, as the customer had done this himself after being advised to do so by the YourRepair call advisor.  He checked the radiator and found the pipe to the radiator valve was leaking but also the radiator was not fixed correctly to the wall and the bracket was loose.  Before further works could commence the system had to be drained. The radiator was then able to be removed and refitted with bracket to prevent any further problems. The pipe joints were made good and then the system was re-filled. Before leaving site the engineer checked that the repair had been successful.

Outcome: Customer was given a fixed price on booking, so was re-assured that there were going to be no hidden suprises.  The radiator was correctly installed, so that no further problems would arise from faulty installation.

Client testimonial: Great company to deal with from start to finish. Great price, and no hidden extra’s which was a pleasant surprise.