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Do you need an Emergency Plumber in Northwich?

 YourRepair Plumbers are on your doorstep. If you need an emergency plumber fast and you live in Northwich, give us a call now.

We have fully qualified Gas Registered plumbers on standby. We can usually have an emergency plumber with you in no time, and all our vans carry an extensive stock of parts which usually enables us to carry out your plumbing repair in a single visit.

Although YourRepair Plumbers are most recognised as emergency plumbers in Northwich due to our branded vans buzzing about the town, we also cover surrounding areas, including a full 20 mile radius of our offices, so if you have friends and relatives who live in surrounding areas who are looking  to find a trustworthy and reliable plumber please feel free to recommend us!

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Here's a few more reasons to choose YourRepair Plumbers

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  • All work fully guaranteed for 1 year
  • Fixed transparent prices all published on our rates page
  • Fully Qualified with over 40 years experience



  • Rapid response, No call out charge
  • All our staff are CRB (DBS) checked
  • Friendly, uniformed staff, with visible identification



Below are some detailed case studies of emergency plumbing work we have carried out in Northwich:

What the problem was:Emergency Plumbers in Northwich - leak caused by dishwasher pipe Leak in kitchen, at a property in Northwich, possibly from the dishwasher pipe.  Emergency plumber required as soon as possible to diagnose and fix.

What we did: Our emergency response guarantees our customers that a qualified and highly experienced engineer will arrive at their property in under two hours, however we always aim to attended within an hour, we have software that found the nearest suitable engineer to the customers home in Northwich, and despatched him immediately. On arrival to the customer’s home, the engineer presented the customer with his ID badge and confirmed the client’s suspicions that the leak was coming from the dishwasher pipe and the push fit connected was repaired. The dishwasher was then switched on, so that the engineer could check that there were no leaks remaining, before cleaning up the excess water on the floor using his wet-vac.

Outcome: The customer’s dishwasher leak is now fixed and no damages were caused to her property, excess water was removed from the kitchen area, as was any other mess caused by the leak.

Client testimonial: The plumber fixed the leak, and then got rid of all the excess water on the floor, I didn’t expect such a thorough service. Well done, keep it up.

What the problem was:Emergency Plumbers in Northwich Bathroom leak Emergency call our required for water leak which client suspects is coming from the bathroom.

What we provided: After completing the booking with our call advisor who is based in a local office near to Crewe, the engineer was dispatched immediately to the customer property in Northwich. With emergency bookings we are able to locate the nearest engineer from our vehicle tracking solution which ensures a faster response for our customers. The YourRepair engineers are monitored on arriving within the agreed time slots, and on this occasion, the engineer arrived in under 45 minutes of despatching the job.  Upon arriving at the property the engineer introduced himself and the client explained the issue. The engineer then begun diagnosis of the water leak to a faulty flexi connection in the bathroom. To carry out the repair the water supply had to first be turned off which was done by the mains stop tap, the carpet and floor boards had to be lifted to gain access to the pipe that was causing the leak. The repair was then carried out on the pipe and the engineer inspected the pipe to ensure that the leak had been resolved. Upon completion the floor boards and carpet was placed back down and the area left clean and tidy.

Outcome: Customer was informed on completion that we have a local office which is staffed in line with our opening hours, so she is able to speak to someone on the phone should they have any further questions or queries regarding the repair.  Upon completion of the job an invoice was provided to the client before payment was collected from a credit or debit card. Our invoice details the work carried out along with all costs broken down. This will enable the customer to try and claim off her house insurance for the repair, should she decide to do so.

Client testimonial: Excellent company to deal with. Phoned up in the morning and had a plumber on my doorstep pretty much straight away. Very impressed with the response time. I don’t have much confidence in Plumbers after I have been let down in the past, but YourRepair has changed my perception on this!!